Cinnamon Balls

Squidgy balls of cinnamon and almondy goodness


(minimum order of 6)

We want to introduce as many people as possible to the wonder that is cinnamon balls (a perennial favourite at Berkson Bakes HQ), because, although made with just five ingredients, they have an amazing amount of flavour and a lovely marzipan-like texture. As you bite into them, your teeth sink straight into the squidgy, cakey interior and the wonderful cinnamon taste fills your mouth. The perfect accompaniment to a big mug of steaming coffee.

Our cinnamon balls can be made vegan using chickpea water in place of the egg whites; please let us know in the notes box at checkout if you would like this option.


Ground almonds, caster sugar, free-range egg whites, ground cinnamon; icing sugar.

Customer feedback

Oh my your cakes look amazing, I want to eat them all!

Jane Elia

I've only been GF for a small part of my life but have always found it hard to find yummy treats that taste good. However I was lucky enough to meet the woman behind these bakes and was treated to an entire cake made by her for a party and I can honestly say it's the most delicious cake I've EVER eaten. That includes any cake I'd had before my GF days! Chocolate & walnut's the best.

Lilith Young

Delicious cakes, breads and biscuits - highly recommended!

Susannah Broadbridge

All the cakes went down extremely well at my party, thanks again.

Mitch Egan

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