Coconut Ice

Cubes of retro heaven


(minimum order of 8)

You don't have to be beside the seaside to enjoy this end-of-pier classic, but the sweet coconut flavour is sure to transport you in your mind's eye to a white sandy beach and a dip in the ocean (we can but dream).

Desiccated coconut, icing sugar, sweetened condensed milk (whole milk, sugar, skimmed milk), pink food colouring (glycerol, water, colour E120).

Oh.My.Days. It's better than the WI's, even better than my Nan's, your coconut ice is heavenly!

Joanne Burchell-Collins , 7th Dec 2019

Mmmm how is it so good? It's so creamy, it's smooth, it's milky (it's also quite coconutty). Very satisfying.

Richard Alexander , 11th Nov 2017

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