Totes Amaze Balls!

Coconutty, chocolatey, almondy balls of joy


(minimum order of 6)

First you bite into the firm exterior, and get a hit of coconut; this then gives way to the perfect level of gooeyness and chew, along with a marvellous multi-layered flavour from ground almonds, cocoa and some more coconut for good measure, along with a subtle note of honey rounding it all off. There's nothing else to add except...yes, they really are totes amaze balls!

Desiccated coconut, caster sugar, ground almonds, cocoa powder, free-range egg whites, raw heather honey.

Totes Amaze Balls? Yes, they really are.

Mitch Egan , 12th Jan 2018

Wow these are soooooooo good!

Mo Si , 12th Jan 2018

Wow these are great! My dad would definitely love them too, he's a massive fan of chocolate and coconut.

Mariah Hartman , 19th Oct 2015

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